French Bulldog puppies

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bullies video

French bulldog video

Saturday, October 07, 2006

French Bulldog video - vegetarien dog - eating an apple

On this video you can see how my french bulldog eating an apple. They like to eat fruits, esspecialy bananas, peaches, apples...

Friday, September 15, 2006

French bulldog video

This is really something to share with other lovers of French Bulldog. So this is our first sea french bulldog video, so you must take a sec and look it. Video shows his personality and his wishes. He is just one little player, his best quality are diving and swimming. This videos shows his best time, that is his way how to spare time on the beach. So we hope this french bulldog video will clear your thinking of this breed.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

French Bulldog wallpapers

You can find French bulldog wallpapers on Jaq web site, we put a lot of pictures from his every day life see French bulldog wallpapers.

Even they are not really interested of posing infrom camers we made some good picutres and deciteded to share them to all French Bulldog lovers

This picture is taken at hollyday on Island Krk,
he likes to swimm and dive but this is moment of suning.... cold sea, croatian adriatic coast (swwimming in May???)

Our Jaq is really a special French bulldog....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

French Bulldog pictures

French Bulldog pictures

Today we are together for about 2 years, I took many French Bulldog pictures at many places.

He is a great poser and that is one of the reasons wich I have many French Bulldog picutres.

And the other is (I quess) and can't help to myself I just like French Bulldog pictures.

As time will goes by you will see many French Bulldog pictures as I 've shooted in this 2 years.

Adoption French Bulldog

Adoption French Bulldog

At first, when I 've decided to get myself a dog, I was meaning to adopt French Bulldog. French Bulldog a great breed, and even when you want to rescue French Bulldog life great choice was adoption French Bulldog.

But the problem was transport , for a thousand km far away from my home - no one could helm me in my idea to adopt French Bulldog.

I really wanted to adopt French Bulldog but at the end of the story I have realized that I must buy him.
French bulldog puppies

French Bulldog puppy

French bulldog puppies

French bulldog puppy is the sweetest puppy of all the breeds. I am not saying that cause I am an owner of one French Bulldog puppy, many people share my oppinion, are you one of them?

French Bulldog puppy are the best puppyies, they are small proportions, they are very clean, great puppy for life in apartment.

If you have children French bulldog puppy will be his best friend and guardian, you may be sure with that.
French bulldog wallpapers
I have lots of soryies about French bulldog puppy, about his merrily nature, guardian character.
French Bulldog puppy can cheer you life...

If you want little dog, so you can come with French bulldog puppy anywhere you want, they are compact, they are great travelers. French bulldog puppy need more sleep then they are adult.